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About us

About our company

We are Debugsys Technology, leading information, communications and technology (ICT) company providing top class business consulting, information technology and communication services. Leveraging deep industry and functional expertise, leading technology practices and a global delivery model, we enable companies to achieve their business goals and transformation objectives.

We are powered by a pool of talented IT and consulting professionals across enterprise solutions, client relationship management, business intelligence, business process quality, operations, management, engineering solutions, digital convergence, product lifecycle management, and infrastructure management services, among other capabilities. Our development and delivery centers in the Bhubaneswar (India), serve numerous clients.

* Discipline is the best tool. * Design first, then code. * Dont patch bugs out, rewrite them out. * Dont test bugs out, DESIGN them out.

Nice persons in Debugsys Technology

Abhisek Pandey

CEO - Founder

Prashant Mohanty

Marketing Head

We Are Passionate People

At Debugsys Technology, we are devoted to improve your brand into a powerhouse that you expect. We feel content only when we are able to provide you the key solutions that ensures your business success, growth and development

A Diverse Team At Your Service

An ensemble of dreamers, fitness freaks, music lovers, cinephiles, bookworms, and avid gamers who share a common pastime - working for Debugsys Technology.The entire team comes together to create a difference with their diverse skills

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